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Jeremy Jackson
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Last Year Doesn't Have to Be The Reason For THIS YEAR
Forget setting Boring goals, what you really want is EVERYTHING. In the next 7 Days you'll get in-depth training that will set the tone for The Next Part of Your year. 
Day 1- Feel Sustained Energy- Daily
Get the blueprint to spark your energy at will. When you want and whenever you need it. 
Day 2- Get Stuff DONE!
Activate "Outcome Based Thinking" to actually get things done beyond just being productive. 
Day 3- Get Clarity On Your New Ideas
You know there's that idea that's been tumbling around in your head. You'll finally see how to evaluate it and get some clarity to start on it. 
Day 4- An Online Marketing Plan
Whatever dream or idea you have for the year needs to get out there. You'll get an outline on how to do this using the biggest online platforms today.
Day 5- How To Transition OUT Of Your Job
Most of the world hates what they do. It doesn't have to be that way. You CAN create a situation where you don't feel like it's work, instead it feels like you're doing what you've always wanted to do.   
Day 6- Attract a New Environment- Friends and Relationships
Don't settle for hanging out with people that don't make you grow or inspire you to be your best. This year, choose who you spend time with. 
Day 7- Create a New Life Blueprint
When you're done with this challenge you'll have a brand new life blueprint for this year. 
Bora Bora, 2011
Dr. Rinesh Ganatra
This was me 8 years ago on my honeymoon. We went to Bora Bora. Notice that I brought my laptop to our honeymoon. 💻

I know, Kinda Lame... but I can explain. 

I had 3 offices, saw 30 patients a day, came home exhausted, and knew it was time to move on...

I had no time for ME. 

So why the heck did I bring my laptop to my honeymoon?!

It represented something HUGE for me. My DREAM. Here’s what I mean… 

I didn’t want to be a Dentist until I was 60- nothing wrong with it, but I wanted something different. 

🌎 I wanted to be able to travel the world, make money, and have an impact on many people from wherever and whenever I wanted. 

I wanted LEVERAGE. 

I didn’t want a 9am- 8pm “get to work” scenario. 

I know, sounds weird as most of the world is at least on this time clock. But I didn’t want to trade my time just to make some money...

I wanted to teach and train, and do it online through the comfort of ANYWHERE. 

I wanted to impact people and inspire them to live and lean into THEIR DREAMS. 

I LOVE seeing people WIN. Never been jealous, never envious- just always loved seeing others DO THEIR DREAMS. 

That’s what this picture is for me. A Dream, even though I wasn’t even close to it- Ha!

BUT- I told myself that either I would die, or KEEP at my passion of being FREE from my current 9am-8pm scenario.

That’s why I brought my laptop to my honeymoon, to make it FEEL real to me. To make myself feel like I could create content that could change lives from anywhere in the world. 

It took about 6 years after this picture until I sold my offices and created a business doing what I love...


Fast forward to now- a 7 Figure a year business literally from my home. No Office. No Big Team. And MY HOURS.

I don’t say this to be boastful, instead I want it to INSPIRE YOU to chase YOUR dream. 

This past year doesn’t have to be a template for the next. 2019 doesn’t have to depend on 2018. Make it depend on YOUR DREAMS. If you’ve always felt something PULLING you, then you owe it to yourself to START on that. 💪🏽
 2019 doesn’t have to depend on 2018. Instead, Build It on YOUR DREAMS. If you’ve always felt something PULLING you towards a better life, then you owe it to yourself to move into that place this year
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